They tested Vinissime

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Hello, We hope to do some good tastings …
Sincerely and maybe see you soon. Thanks again for sharing your passion!

Bénédicte et Eric

We attended Saturday 15/01 in your class, I would like to say thank you for having shared your passion this way !!! really a big thank you !!! very informative and very interesting !!! We were impressed by so much oenological culture! Thank you. Cordially.


Dear Philippe, Thank you for your email and for the wine list! I will share it with the group …
I had a very good feedback from them, they were delighted by this evening, your explanations and advice, by the choice of the restaurant … that +
I communicated your details to the person in charge of the outings, animations … etc … and suggested to him to contact you!
Best regards,

Pespi Cola

Good evening, we only have positive feedback on this evening:
” – It was perfect !
“- A great animation with quality champagnes!
“- A very beautiful room, quiet and spacious”
“- Quality food and very fine”
We just missed the last minute absentees … It was a bit of a slaughter, I was “desperate” Tuesday night …! But … The presents had a great evening and all thanked us warmly! These thanks also come back to you, so I’ll send them to you! It was a first but it will certainly not be the last! Good night !

Sandrine T.

Hello Philippe, we have good feedback from people invited at the evening of Tuesday night. Thank you for your service both at the historical level and for the dinner party. Thanks again. Stéphane G. – Direction Large Enterprises.

Company wishing to remain anonymous

Hello Mr CATZ, thank you for this beautiful evening discovery. My colleagues were delighted.
No sick, of course, since the wine was good. I send your details to our Marketing teams. Cordially.

Fabien PETIT