Company name: ESPERANCE CAP 25 Sarl using the brand VINISSIME

Head office:
 35, Rue de l’Espérance 75013 PARIS – Tel + 33 (0)1 45 81 26 36

Publishing Manager: Nadine QUEYRAS-CATZ

Publishing Director: Philippe CATZ

Capital: 8 000 Euros

Register of Commerce and Companies (RCS): 500 146 972 00012

Activity Code – Code NAF: 748 J

Host’s brand: OVH

Host’s company name: OVH

Host’s address: 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France

Host’s telephone number: 0 820 698 765

Average delivery (For gift vouchers only): Between 2 to 5 working days except during summer holiday period between July 15th and August 15th.

Repayment conditions: Provided the customer warns us 2 working days before the event, repayment is quasi total, less the cost of 8 Euros for administrative fees (bank commission and office work…).

Applicable law in case of dispute: French Law

Competent Court: Tribunal de Commerce de Paris

Disclaimer: VINISSIME (ESPERANCE CAP 25) clear any responsibility in case of absorption of wine outlawing the participants in case of driving of vehicle. We stay up scrupulously, and take any adequate measure, so that the participants in our courses and tastings, absorb only a minimal dose of wine and the insured service is always very moderate. We warn the participants dice the departure and watch over each leaving with a dose of very low alcohol in the blood, in every case lower than the dose authorized by the law. In case of doubt, single-use chemical breath tests are at arrangement in our places or on the scene of our services.
The alcohol abuse is dangerous. Our services contain the consumption of 8 cl (without meal) in 35 cl (with meal or meal) of wine on a sampling from 5 to 8 different wines with a titration from 12 to 14,5 % of alcohol by consummate wine. We watch scrupulously that these doses are respected. Do not thus want to it to us if we serve you as relatively low doses and invite you during the courses without meal to spit the wine. The wine stays before any a vector of conviviality and of “passage of a culture”, its moderate consumption, deprives nothing of this user conviviality, the pleasure and the knowledge.

Service conditions: By using the services offered on, you accept the present conditions of services described below. By agreeing to shape you to these conditions, you guarantee and responsible for your own actions.

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Offered services: provides you with free of charge systems of newsletter, form of estimate and contact.