Your wine waiter at home

From 80 € per head

A genuine Sommelier serves and comments wines during an aperitive or a dinner.

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A genuine Sommelier serves and comments wines during an aperitive or a dinner.
He can animate with games, contests between participants.
A second Sommelier is necessary over 30 people.


Aperitif – cocktail or Sited Dinner.


From 18.00 to 23.00


From 15 to 25/30 people (1)


From 80 € per head indoor Paris or near suburbs (2)


Refrigerator containing 7 to 24 bottles or ice supplied by yourself Wine Tasting
Glasses with converging walls (neither cocktail glasses nor tumblers).

• FOOD :

We advise you according to the season and the wines tasted.

*A second Sommelier is necessary over 30 people
(1) 92 & 94 included – For 77, 78, 93, 95 Travel expenses are from 75 to 150, 00 € following destination.

1 – Surveying of your premises if necessary a few days in advance, the sommelier fixes the details of the food, the sequences of the dinner and schedule of the evening with you (by visiting, phone or email).

2 – Setting of the animation (that lasts 3 hours)

3 – Wines supply composed of 7 different wines incl. a Champagne – 12 to 14 people portions per bottle depending on alcoholic volume of each wine, maps, fragrances…

4 – Animation

Options :
1 – Glasses Supply – 1 to 2 per head: 2 or 3 € + transportation 75 €
(This hire includes Champagne buckets or bowl if necessary if ice supplied)

2 – Fine Charcuterie and Cheese trays (ripened by Marie Quatrehomme (M.O.F.)*: 25 € per head.
* M.O.F. = Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France)

The wine waiter arrives 1.30 hours before your guests to open bottles, to cool the whites and put the reds to the room temperature and decant them, display glasses, buckets…

A welcome glass is served at your guests’ arrival: A Champagne or a still wine if you prefer.
When all guests are present, after a welcome word and a presentation, the Sommelier, possibly assisted by the hostess or the householder, or a butler, serves a second wine on which he reminds the wine tasting steps.
The solids are served along with the wines according to the principles of the wine and food harmony.

Then, over the course of the evening, the sommelier speaks a few minutes to comment on the proposed wine but does not monopolize the word all evening, he goes from group to group or to the sitted persons to answer questions from your guests. To give a more festive and fun atmosphere, the waiter invites participants to play in the recognition of wine aromas, organizes one – or more – wine blind tasting (masked labeling of the bottle or served out of a carafe ), even a sommelier contest can be organized (bottle opening, decanting, servicing, comment on the wine…). Prizes can be doled out to the best wine specialist !
You can play in teams if you are fairly numerous.

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