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  activity: Wine tasting Initiation Course or a specific "Tour de France"
of the vineyards

  Requested knowledge: None, as the wine teacher fits to your level
and the average one of the group.
  duration: 2.30 to 3.00 hours depending on questions

  Number of People: 8 to 14 heads max.
Under 8 people we may cancel the session

  location: District of La Butte aux Cailles at Vinissime's Art & Wine Space
35, Rue de l'Espérance 75013 PARIS

  access: Choice of 3 Metro Stations: Place d'Italie – Corvisart – Tolbiac.
Bus Line n°62 - Parking: 10 Rue Wurtz (5 minutes walk)

  Tariff per head: 60 to 85,00 € - Vouchers of DAKOTA, WONDERBOX accepted

  groups: You can register up to 8 people per Course,
if more please contact us for a private tasting
  CONTENTS of INITIATION COURSES (3 sessions) based on French wines

On each session you taste 6 wines from different wine regions from France
Every Session is totally independent from the other. Choose one of them according to your time schedule in Paris.
Each session affords you to discover different approaches of the same method to taste wine.

Wine Tasting R.A.G. Time method - Grape Varieties – Wine Aromas
The R.A.G.time® method developed by Philippe CATZ for his Anglo-Saxons pupils is inspired by 2 methods of tasting 1 - The Anglo-Saxon method: Approach by type of vine 2 - The French method – approach by terroirs. R.A.G.: Robe – Aromas – Grape Variety and time as the tasting must be driven in a certain time, with rhythm !

On the Grape Varieties session, you have a recall of the R.A.G. Time Method + get a tasting "mini Tour de France" of the 12 main grapes used (single or blended) to elaborate French wines: Cabernet Sauvignon – Chardonnay – Grenache - Merlot – Mourvedre - Pinot Noir – Sauvignon – Syrah…

On Wine aromas : you learn to smell, to recognize the aromas and you taste the corresponding wines from Alsace – Bordeaux – Bourgogne – Languedoc – Loire Valley - Provence or Rhône Valley…

CONTENT of Tasting on a specific theme :
Tour de France – Specific vineyard – Appellation - Grape Variety – Single VineyarD

Discover wines from France (Mini Tour de France), or a specific region (Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Champagne, Loire Valley or Rhône), or expressions of a grape variety on different lands i.e. Pinot Noir from Alsace and Bourgogne…

1. Every participant introduces him or herself in terms of wine experience (family background, experiences, lectures, exhibitions and visits to vineyards...)
2. A geographical overview (Tour de France or the country, region, appellation) with a map support is made.
3. Mechanisms of tasting are studied and the basic vocabulary of wine is taught...
4. Then each participant in his (her) turn must comment with the appropriate vocabulary, a step in wine tasting. Sometimes, maps, geological sections, graphics, photos, animations, are presented to help better fix things.
5. In the second part of the session, a snack (when fitted) - quality and generous enough - is served. During a "Food and Wine Pairing" session you eat and drink simultaneously: a dish - a wine.
6. At the end of the session, a summary of the course is conducted to allow participants to gain an overview of the course.
Time of questions and answers between each wine are provided - recalls and a sum up are made at the end of the session.
  Sessions are planned on the web site: some others can be planned together for your own group from 6 people at a cost per head of 120 €