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  Description: Champagne dinner with a genuine big Band of 20 musicians  

  duration: 3 to 5 hours

  number of people: From 50 heads

  location: On a boat, in a mansion or a Castle, in a concert hall.  

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The orchestra plays the great Jazz standard years composed from thirties to seventies from the aperitif until the end of the dinner.
This one is composed of 3 or 4 sequences, enameled on each dish by the service of great Champagnes, commented by experienced sommeliers. In the third part, a singer is accompanied by the orchestra on dance music.

B. dish'n music
  Description: Halfway between the Concert - reading and wine dinner  

  duration: 3 .30 to 4 hours

  number of people: From 50 heads

  location: On a boat, in a mansion or a Castle, in the place of your choice.  

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Between two pieces performed by pianist, a dialogue takes place between the musician and the sommelier on their impressions inspired the piece of music that has just been performed, meanwhile waiters serve wine and dish to the guests. The oenologist motivates his choice of wine and food alliance based on the spirit and style of this music inspired him. Sometimes the chef also gives the tips of his inspiration.
It is a true synesthesia that guests are invited to share. By late evening, musician, sommelier, chef and public are invited to share a drink and dialogue.
C. Schubertiade
  Description: Halfway between a Concert and a wine and food cocktail  

  duraton: 3 hours

  number of people: From 40 heads

  location: In a theatre, a music hall or a school of theatre.  

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In memory of Franz Schubert evenings with friends, we wanted to recreate the friendly atmosphere of music concerts and good wine and food.
This is an informal evening in which a pianist plays works of the famous composer. At the end of each piece or group of works, participants are invited to get up and have a glass of wine offered by the winemaker with appetizers and circumstances of the season, inspired by the spirit of the work or time.
This evening adapts to team- building, end of the year or informal major account parties, as well as for executive committees with a cultural and friendly touch.